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actually sick for a politician right in the last. eight. years just two. days. coming up on our t.v. russia asks the u.n. for a number. on the humanitarian crisis in eastern ukraine this as the fighting leaves many without food water or communications a report on that meeting just ahead. and a shooting at an afghan military training academy kills a two star u.s. general and leaves fifteen more injured we'll have the latest on the shooting spree and what we've learned about the general who was killed coming up. will a seventy two hour cease fire currently underway in gaza hold the world is watching to see if the fight will resume an update on the efforts to stop the bloodshed
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coming up later in the show. it's tuesday august fifth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm in your idea that and you're watching our team america we begin tonight in ukraine add russia's request the u.n. security council scheduled an emergency meeting on the humanitarian situation that's deteriorating in the country the council just wrapped up that session about an hour ago and joining us to break down the very latest is our alexey. alexi so russia called this particular meeting what did ambassador churkin have to say. well the reason why russia called this emergency un security council meeting was that moscow wanted to once again draw the attention of u.n. officials to what is happening in eastern ukraine and we're talking about a humanitarian crisis
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a full blown catastrophe and war in that region we're talking about thousands of refugees we're talking about several thousand people killed and several thousand people wounded so the bastard or the boy of russia to the united nation is that sure again by saying that numerous attempts of russia to offer help to kiev to provide humanitarian aid to that region have been met with a refusal from the ukrainian authorities and that is why russia gathered this u.n. security council meeting to ask the world to help those people in eastern part of ukraine what he meant by that was internationally morning toward international supervised convoys of trucks carrying humanitarian aid from russia into eastern ukraine we're talking about things like food water medication. electricity generators and many other vital necessities for that region and it's no wonder that mr schorr can wanted those things to happen because he once again listed the
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atrocities happening in the east of that country let's have a listen to what they and what had to say overflights and cities have become a daily reality through the tanks as well as grad rockets are you continuing information from locals develop the use of phosphorous drums and cluster bombs. indiscriminately there's indiscriminate shelling of housing blocks and critical civilian infrastructure in many small small to about eighty percent of houses have been destroyed according to most conservative estimates more than six hundred buildings have fallen. and alexi we heard from a number of other countries as well what was their response. well the response has been mixed while some members of the u.n. and the u.n. security council like china for instance they supported the growing concern of russia and they supported the idea that the international international guys ations
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should be providing help to the people in that region some were not as optimistic for instance the envoy of france to the u.n. she said she actually talked about further sanctions on russian companies and how they may help to diffuse the situation while the u.s. representative talked about. actually no need for any additional. convoy of trucks into eastern ukraine because there are organizations international organizations working in the region they simply need access to the troubled regions but probably the most standing out statement came from representative of ukraine who said that nothing of what russia is talking about was actually happening in his country as he described it let's have a listen. and stated before there is no i mean there in crisis in ukraine as it is continued to be a russian. it is. in donetsk and lugansk
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regions remains to be serious. the situation is manageable but to go into a few green which remains open to international partners it is quite obvious that mr shurkin would have disagreed with the statement that situation is under control of the government but he did and he summarized the meeting by saying that he wanted this issue to be free of any politicizing but eventually as you said this did not happen we are expecting the u.n. security council to convene again on friday and well they will be extensively talking about the situation in ukraine will have to wait and see what happens artie's alexy are chefs from our new york city thanks for that reporting. we have more on the humanitarian situation in eastern ukraine the eastern city of lugansk has declared a state of humanitarian catastrophe over a lack of medical supplies electricity lighting mobile and internet communications
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artie's morea the notion is in lugansk with more guns it's a shadow of its former self it was once a flourishing regional center with a population of heart and. today it is largely abandoned and dangerous destroyed schools and hospitals silent reminders of an ongoing conflict this is the hotel in the center of the gaza where we used to stay just two weeks ago there were gas here mostly journalists but also ukrainians running from violence in the towns of cum i thought against libya as they used to be two major percentages of the large scale military operation here in eastern ukraine there was also chinese restaurant on the seventh floor but now as you can see the hotel has been shut down the sign says hotel is closed the further we go from the center the greater the destruction or his house was damaged when a shell exploded in her garden and sort of the flowers she planted there is now
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a deep crater. is there and should be very high indeed is a hoot of them i see just a day or. two would you do you like other locals here who haven't already fled the fighting or good has taken shelter in the basement yet you get back you found that . you have who would you say much in your pocket be actual back to dickey i grew to live three pretty good how are you going you know those sheltering under ground to seek and desperate. i can't wait yet you know you go up here sure you're not she right before you believe what i hear. as we are speaking electricity drops out like cows are a constant problem here the lines were apparently repaired just before we arrived not down the street the way you. look at it but i really don't know.
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if it here in the winter is a direct you don't go out with varying degrees or shall turn to roll most every apartment building in lugansk and there really empty this is another basement that the has recently become home to local residents and it's not that they hide here the time of intense shelling and remodeling you can see there is really live here every family has its own place here like an apartment building but underground in one of the categories go meter tell me i'm the youngest resident i've seen here so far as many of the fears of the older people here. paul says here there's still a lot of the got off the shelf of gone. in at nine pm every day people in different basements resign the same prayer they ask for
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god to protect them and rebuild in peace but as the shelling continues around them the furthest a day to plan a had is tomorrow when they say they will not hear again raif notion r.t.f. lugansk ukraine. and now for more on ukraine government forces continued a military offensive today to reclaim lost territory from anti kiev separatists russia's foreign ministry has accused ukraine of moving ballistic missile systems and rocket launchers toward the rebel held area of donetsk that they say could be used against innocent civilians at the same time last week c.n.n. cited u.s. officials and reporting that ukrainian troops used short range ballistic missiles in that region german media dutch wells says nato confirmed the report and later denied it ukraine has also denied possessing ballistic missiles saying they were destroyed back in the one nine hundred ninety s. the u.s.
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is accusing russia of shipping in similar heavy rocket systems to rebels over at the border and moscow to denies that allegation. all right well another leak has surfaced ruby intercept that's giving us an inside look at the government's terror watch list we're just learning that nearly forty percent of those on the government's terrorist watch list have no affiliation whatsoever with recognized terrorism groups earlier i spoke with our t.v. producer tyrell ventura to break down the very latest i first asked him about some of the key revelations from this damning report. it's pretty amazing what the scale of the intercept is with able to kind of put forth what you're talking about you know the government has been adding names to this kind of watch database at a rate of almost nine hundred records a day either on existing subjects or new names into the database sixteen hundred
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sixteen thousand people including twelve hundred americans have been classified as selectees these are people who are targeted for screenings at airports and border crossings and things of that nature in fact the obama administration has presided over an unprecedented amount of expansion the kind of no fly list and border crossings it's an all time high of forty seven thousand people well that has been covered in this the this information that they provided was provided as was also uncovered that the top five u.s. cities were upper most known or suspected terrorists in it are new york houston san diego chicago and dearborn michigan which is this kind of a. list or major cities and then dearborn they want to do that considering that largest concentration of arab americans actually live in dearborn michigan not far from where i'm from mexico is forty percent of its population is from dearborn which kind of begs the question you know is this just profiling are these names that they're kind of throwing on this list clearly just for profiling. you know
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when you talk about numbers earlier six hundred eighty you know the out of the six hundred eighty thousand. six hundred eighty hundred dollars on the people on this you know how forty percent of that be people with no known affiliation to terrorism and that's a huge number to come out that's right that's huge and this is after we heard about the guidelines to which how they determine who should be on this list of course they're very loose the guidelines with you know people putting you know random people on the list with me or suspicions but the report also gets into the biometric collection of these individuals what do we what do we learn from this report it's really interest. just of that how much of the kind of wide ranging biometrics there are you know putting on people in this report so if we go with the idea that ok they're kind of very loose in how you get on with this of this database of metal suddenly you're also having your you know facial images fingerprints and iris scans and things of that nature being put on there you know more than half a million facial images and nearly
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a quarter million fingerprints and seventy thousand iris scans are combined in the database. as long as i am writing samples signatures scars marks to d.n.a. strands they're doing everything they can the kind of keep adding to make. everything is valuable a pair of yes and just lastly to be clear of this latest revelation it does not have anything to do with a leak from former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden this is completely so i know this is a completely new leader that we don't know who that is you know except we just kind of are following you know the interceptor in germany skittles reporting on this and clearly they're doing a good job so perhaps that will come to light glad to see who is behind this latest leak ok r t producer terrell ventura always a pleasure thank you thank you. all right now to afghanistan where today. a man in an afghan army uniform opened fire on foreign troops at a military base u.s.
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two star general harold green was killed in the apparent insider attack along with fifteen more including american soldiers and a german brigadier general reportedly. this took place at camp training center west of kabul artie's honest and i have the very latest. i don't know terry training academy at camp cargo on the outskirts of kabul in afghanistan a gunman in an afghan military uniform carries out a shooting killing a two star u.s. army major general who has been identified as fifty five year old harold g. green a key player in american efforts to train afghan security forces with over three decades of experience serving in the u.s. military the shooter using a light assault rifle also wounded a german brigadier general as well as at least fourteen western including eight u.s. troops five of them reported to be in serious condition as well as afghan military personnel the killing of the u.s. major general is reported to be the first death of a high ranking u.s.
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military official in overseas hostilities since the vietnam war greene is the highest ranking u.s. military official to be killed in iraq and afghanistan the deadly shooting took place tuesday as a nato military officials delegation visited the training facility an investigation is currently ongoing into exactly what happened is being conducted by both afghan and nato forces more information on the gunmen is yet to be released but we do know that he was shot dead on site now according to a pentagon spokesperson the shooter is believed to be an afghan soldier who has served for quite some time this incident is reported to be an insider attack when members of the afghan forces turn against the nato led military coalition who were on the ground in afghanistan to train them this lead us to incident comes as the u.s. operations in afghanistan in the nearest future of course will be seeing the key part of its tragedy on the ground on training afghan forces usually such insider attacks involve regular soldiers outraged by the continued presence of foreign
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troops on the ground and disgruntled by the war this one of course being the longest in u.s. history this latest so-called green on blue attack is the first of its kind and months yet far from the first in this war insider shootings peaked in twenty twelve in afghanistan recorded dozens. such incidents that number is officially said to have declined to fifteen last year more details will be brought into the light as the investigation of the shooting gathers pace what is certain is that it's a troublesome occurrence so close to a planned and of us operations on the ground. r.t. new york. so will the cease fire hold that's a question on the minds of many following the latest news that israel and hamas have agreed to a seventy two hour humanitarian cease fire a cease fire began at eight am local time and this comes after several previous truce is barely held with each side refusing to accept terms put forth by the other
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the latest ceasefire which was brokered by egypt has set the stage for a new round of negotiations between israel and the palestinians in cairo where they will try to expand the terms of the agreement and move towards a long term deal both sides have been under fire for a mounting death toll in the complex which is now in its fourth week more than eight hundred people have been killed in gaza according to the palestinian health ministry the u.n. says that civilians account for seventy to eighty percent of the dead and on the israeli side officials say that sixty four soldiers and three civilians have been killed the spanish government has decided to temporarily freeze arms and military technology exports to israel because of the offensive in the gaza strip and at the same time we're seeing a shake up in the u.k. the first muslim minister to sit in the british cabinet baroness you know or see resigned today over the government's policy on gaza to talk about this high profile
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resignation earlier i was joined by our tease polly boyko and i first asked her to talk about what this government official is primarily taking issue with. well there was a very twenty first century resignation she quit over twitter now just to explain who he is she was britain's very fast female muslim cabinet minister and she'd recently been promoted to be to being a senior foreign office minister on top of her role already as the community's minister and the reason she says she quit boils down to one simple thing and she says that is david cameron's morally indefensible failure to condemn the suffering in gaza in her resignation letter she denounced the official u.k. stance of israel as detrimental to britain's national interest and international reputation and because that former no face part of her job had to do with britain's
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role in the united nations and in the international criminal court she said that she couldn't continue to support the government's policy in gaza because of britain's approach to the conflict which she called inconsistent with britain's values that especially considering the u.k.'s commitment to the rule of law and its known history of international justice so that's how she quit why she quit she did it very publicly over twitter and she even tweeted out her resignation letter publicly before the prime minister even had a chance to respond to it and david cameron said in response to her resignation that he wanted an unconditional cease fire in gaza what's her take on how the government should be responding. well i think the take is that the government needs to be more critical i can't speak for her but that's
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the assumption that we can make through this resignation but it's not just barrenness was the david cameron faced a lot of criticism in recent weeks for a failing to condemn right israel's actions in gaza and failing to condemn the actions more forcefully even in his very polite reply to baroness baazi he repeats what he's been saying all throughout this conflict which is that israel has the right to defend itself and many members of parliament and certainly the opposition labor party they've been saying that they want to see the u.k. change its approach to israel and send a clear message to israel that they don't support their actions in gaza but obviously that hasn't happened and polly talk about how the gazan conflict has played out in britain have there been many conflicting viewpoints in the country over how to approach the situation. well we're such
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a multicultural nation and especially in london generally muslims christians jewish people have been able to live side by side the communities really only vellum but this conflict has really brought out the fault lines and differing points of view for example my friends on facebook have been deleting their accounts they've been deleting each other off their friends list because of the hostilities that come up as a result of different viewpoints towards the conflict now suddenly at the start of the conflict in terms of the media landscape that was a bit of power at say so we had a lot of people defending the israeli stance and a lot of people in the media spokespeople defending the stance of the palestinians since we've seen pictures plying pictures of shelled children of the civilian casualties in gaza the israeli stance as sort of moved away i think
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it's a lot more difficult for people in the media head to defend the actions of the i.d.f. at the moment and there is a lot of coin demolition of israel's actions in gaza that said there have been rallies in support of israel in london london's got a huge jewish population and a lot of people marched through london to support the idea of saxon's but we've reported from a number of pro palestinian rallies where people say that they want to express their solidarity with the people of gaza and overwhelmingly what we him most from people at these events is that their government hair in britain they say doesn't represent how they feel about the conflict and they the reason that they hit the streets in london is to protest against their government's stunts and what they say is a critical enough stance against israel's actions and gazan all right r.t.
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correspondent polly boyko in london thanks for that reporting. well the next time you're speaking behind closed doors make sure there isn't a camera present researchers at mit microsoft and adobe have completed a new experiment they can recreate sounds and environment from only video images and that means your words could be deciphered much easier than you think the algorithm they developed reconstructs audio signals by analyzing minute minute vibrations of objects in a soundless video for example using a high speed camera and soundproof glass researchers were able to extract the audio of someone singing mary had a little lamb just off the vibrations of a bag of chips take a listen. pretty
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cool this new technology obviously has potential applications for a long forest men and forensics investigations but abe davis one of the authors behind the experiment is focus more on the possibility of what he describes as a new kind of imaging he said we're recovering the sounds from objects that gives us a lot of information about the sound that's going on around the object but it also gives us a lot of information about the object itself because different objects are going to respond to sound in a different way in other experiments researchers extracted usable audio signals from videos of aluminum foil the surface of a glass of water and even the leaves of a potted plant and it's not just top and high speed cameras that can produce the video information needed to recreate the sound of an image researchers were even able to extract audio from ordinary digital cameras though not as detailed as the high end cameras the images were still good enough to provide sounds that could
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identify the gender of the speaker or number of speakers in a room and even a speaker's identity researchers will present their findings next week at a computer graphics conference and that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america and check out our website r t dot com slash usa follow me on twitter at amir david and make sure to have a great time. the stories we cover here we're not going to hear any right story but i have to read while there's a reason they don't want you to. raise it. now let's break the set. dramas the truth be ignored. stories others refuse to notice.
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faces change the world lights never. see. the full picture of today's leaves. on the sun from around the globe. broken up to fifty. let's talk about jihad tourists shall we because there's a lot of them and they're killing a lot of innocent people in countries that are not their case in point loaners mohammad i was following grew up as a basketball loving teenager in florida this past may he drove
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a truck filled with explosives into a restaurant in northern syria a new video just surfaced as i was silent talking which shows a large truck filled with explosives that was used in the attack driving off the video ends with a giant explosion i was solid had been living abroad after dropping out of college was trained by i'll look for a friend in syria a group committed to fighting president assad that's crazy enough for the craziest thing is that i will sell it is not a loan according to the director of the us national counterterrorism center matthew olsen over us two thousand westerners including about one hundred americans have received training in syria other acts spirits as to make up to two thousand westerners answering the call of jihad so why the hell are all these westerners playing job tourists in syria according to peter newman director of the international center for the study of radicalization and political violence in london the internet played the part with hundreds of job of recruitment video
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floating around but obviously it takes more than watching a video to convince someone to travel across the world and kill themselves in someone else's war i was always video gives a little bit of a hand as to the why in the video he says i've lived in america i know how it is you think you're happy. you're not happy you're never happy another syrian job tourist from britain spoke with c.n.n. and said life was easy back home i had a life i had a car but we see all around us evil we see pedophiles we see quine we see rape you get the picture if you had tourists go over to syria where a war is actually grading where they can actually express outrage they feel from a life of fake happiness and superficial concerns the syrian conflict is not their war but it's a war going on right now that speaks to their inner rage somehow as the row famously wrote the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation maybe these tourists
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found jihad as a way out of that desperation that we all feel them to create i don't believe in killing innocent people ever but i do understand the want to fight the worship of money and materialism that drives our golden calf society if our society could focus a little more on the internal rather than the act terminal maybe we'd all feel a little less desperate and there'd be fewer people desperate enough to commit the heinous act of jihad as tourists or as residents tonight let's talk about that by following me on twitter at the residence.


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